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Episode 41: Neptune (2017/08/01)

By David Cooper

This week guest Neptune comes to the David Cooper show and talks about his teenage life at Naperville. Neptune talks how the Naperville people are so openly racist. David's girlfriend Maranda calls and complains David that he does not want to hear from her. Then David talks about Indian foods and Jewish culture and festival. Then, a surprising call from Jonathan makes the show bit more interesting. Jonathan talks David that he quit smoking 5 - 6 weeks ago and he is boring with Neptune and suggests Neptune to go on a date with David. That went well, I think. In the meantime, Maranda calls back David and complains why he deselects her text. Neptune tells Maranda that she is hilarious and he loves that. David's friend Nick calls the show and shows his interest to sell his bike. David tells 'I would like to consider selling my butthole but it's not a legal thing to sell'. Maranda calls again and asks David what we gonna eat dinner tonight. Neptune tells Maranda - 'I can't wait to see you actually in person Maranda'. Ganesh from India rates this episode 3.5 star!

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