005 // How to Utilize Clubs During Your MBA Journey // Jung Lee - UCLA Anderson 2021

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

Sep 2020

49 min 43 sec

Meet Episode 005 Guest Jung LeeBorn and raised in South Korea, Jung is a second-year MBA student at UCLA Anderson. Prior to MBA, he worked at eBay Korea, an e-commerce giant, for 5 years as an account manager. He loved his job a lot, which made him think of working in the US, the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world. And having an MBA degree is one of the best ways for him to switch his location from Korea to the US. He chose UCLA for its famous e-commerce and tech-industry recruiting. Of course, he’s enjoying the perfect weather in LA. In this episode we talk about: Learning about the “imperial system(measurement)” in the US. What kind of clubs in the MBA program? How can clubs be helpful during your MBA life ? How to balance your time for club activities and other important stuff? Advice for future MBA students.

// Connect with Jung LeeLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jungyoen-lee/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jungyoenlee/// Meet Jacob Yu and Jay Park, your MBAsians Hosts!

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