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[88] What I have Planned for May & June

By Kate Doster

Today on Inbox Besties, I'm giving you VIP access to the behind-the-scenes plan for my business over the next few months... This is a super transparent peek into my brain on how I am putting the pieces in place NOW so I can spend more time with my family this Summer without neglecting my people (and STILL make plenty of money). If you haven't already, it would make my day if you'd go ahead and give Inbox Besties a review on iTunes or Stitcher and follow me on Insta @kate_doster  In this episode I talk about: How I'm melding my masculine side with the woo-woo to feel good about what I'm doing on the daily (and still get things done) The mindset block I'm working through right now that is creating more money in my business without adding more work Flipping the script to make my business easier Learning to be a better leader My plans to step up my Insta game (and an invitation to slide into my DMs @kate_doster) Getting featured as a guest on more podcasts Batching projects to be more efficient Upgrading my automations How you can be featured as the "Bestie of the Week" and win a $25 Amazon gift card   // Resources & Links Mentioned:   Follow me on Instagram (and slide into my DMs) >> Trelloing for Traffic >> SmarterQueue >> Ditch the -Ish (Propel Your List & Get Rich) >> Freebies that Sell & Serve >> Email Marketing Fairy >> Love Your List >>    // Inbox Besties Episodes Mentioned:   71: Steal My Exact Process For Cranking Out Value Soaked Free Content Like A Champ  87: The Real Secret to Growing an Engaged Email List 45: 4 Automated Emails Every Business & Blog Should Be Sending 54: What To Do When Your Launch Is A Total Flop  

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