7. Entertaining Tantrums

By Jen & Joanne

Did you miss us?!We are back with episode 7 after an unexpected break, where we started off talking about how we try and entertain the kids now that school and Montessori is finished, then we ventured into tantrums and the glory that is four year old tantrums!Spoiler - they're not glorious at all. But stay strong fellow parents and join us to commiserate!Get in touch and tell us what you think - have you experienced the tornado that is a four year old tantrum?Do you have good tips on how to keep kids entertained over the holidays? Are you a super-sentimental Jen or a way more practical Jo??We'd love to hear from you!instagram.com/underthemotherhoodunderthemotherhoodpodcast@gmail.comCatch Jen at @thescenicroutebyjen or thescenicroutebyjen.com and catch Jo at @jojo_kildare on InstagramThanks for listening! Jen & Jo

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