S3E2 (DE) - Traveler- and employee engagement with Thomas Edelkamp

SMACK Hospitality Cast

Sep 28

49 min 36 sec

The second episode of season 3 took us to the German Hotel Convention (Deutscher Hotelkongress 2021), hosted by the dfv Mediengruppe. Thomas Edelkamp, Chairman of the Board at Romantik Hotels & Restaurants AG joined us during the event and told us about his career starting as waiter, his 10 years abroad and what it was like to be FIFA’s Managing Director of accommodation services during the 2006 football world cup. We also learned what differentiates the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants from others, why guest loyalty works within the brand and what needs to be addressed in regards to finding and keep fresh talent in the industry.

Enjoy the show!

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