Sexual Wellness and Doorknob Conversations with Dr. Shyrlena Bogard

Women RAWC

Aug 25

40 min 20 sec

Sex isn’t something that’s just physical. There are emotional, psychological, and relational aspects to it as well, and there are ways to not only manage sexual wellness but safe places to talk about it too. Dr. Shyrlena Bogard is a certified Physician, Intimacy Coach, and speaker, working with men, women, and couples to overcome struggles in intimacy and sexual function to reignite sparks in their relationships. Nancy and Dr. Shyrlena discuss overcoming hidden scars and past sexual trauma that make it difficult for women to open up about sex, and even have orgasms. Connection is key and Dr. Bogard explains that intimacy isn’t about the destination, but a journey of getting there. -

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