Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#1_Nataliya Mykolska

By Dominique Piotet

   Nataliya Mykolska is a the Member of the Supervisory Board of TechUkraine, a co-founder and a member of the Supervisory Boards at Trade+ Center with Kyiv School of Economics, a co-founder of SheExports Platform, co-founder of media project Brilliant Minds of Stanford and Silicon Valley, a co-founder of Stanford Ukrainian Policy Conference. She also was driver of women economic empowerment initiatives within the Government.    Dominique and Nataliya are talking about innovative business in Ukraine and from Ukraine.05:20 - Ukrainian tech talents are amazing.07:40 - Women in government and women leadership in tech.15:05 - How to get to Stanford University?19:23 - A song which illustrates Ukrainian businesses the best.21:30 - Why Ukraine is an innovative country?26:00 - What are we doing wrong in tech?27:50 - Should we try to duplicate Silicon Valley in Ukraine?31:20 - Ukraine has brilliant designers but not that much in tech.33:30 - What is doing TechUkraine?36:00 - How can we overcome the current crisis?

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