The Politics of Un-Naming

By Milan Singh, Naveen Girn and Paneet Singh

A federal building in Vancouver is officially un-named, and a mural emerges in its place. This special episode of The Nameless Collective Podcast discusses politics of un-naming the H.H. Stevens federal building in Vancouver, and the Indigenous and South Asian artist collaboration that points to new ways of looking at history in a post-apology world. And we tackle the problematic history of the word, taikey, a Punjabi word for First Nations Peoples that only exists in British Columbia, Canada. The Nameless Collective Podcast is a Canadian History podcast exploring the untold stories of the South Asian community in Vancouver. Hosted by Naveen Girn, Milan Singh and Paneet Singh, and produced by Manjot Bains & Jugni Style. Find references, documents and photos from this episode on our show page, Send your questions and comments to South Asian History and Vancouver History. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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