Simon Sinek | Finding Your “Why”

By Nike

Think about your training ambition: When does it change? What hurdles get in the way? How do you keep yourself going? And how often do you think about why you’re doing what you’re doing? Finding your “why” ––your motivation, your belief, your cause –sets people up for greatness. And no one understands this idea better than Simon Sinek, an author, ethnographer, organizational consultant, and self-proclaimed optimist, who has dedicated his research, books, and career to helping people find their “why” and achieve their long-term goals. On this episode, Simon gives us tips on how to find and stick to our own “whys,” walks us through the best way to manage stress and unpacks the idea of training as “an infinite game.” Because when you approach your training routine as something that can’t be won, that has no end, you give yourself room to constantly improve and focus on the process instead of the outcome. TRAINED is produced by Nike Training Club Pro. The best of Nike. Exclusively for Trainers. To apply, go to Inspired by TRAINED? Then you’ll love Nike Training Club app. The Nike Training Club app provides expertly designed workouts from Nike trainers for everyone at all fitness levels. It’s the ultimate training source from the leading minds at Nike. With holistic tips on movement, recovery, nutrition, mindset and sleep from experts on Nike’s Performance Council, NTC delivers on all five facets of fitness and puts our best at your fingertips. No matter how you train, NTC will help you discover your personal greatness. Click the link below to get the app for iOS or Android. Download Now

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