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Got Any Hot Stacks?

By Coding Blocks

In this episode, we have a discussion about what type of technology stack you should choose when you go to create your own project whether it be for profit or an open source type of deal.  As programmers, we often struggle with balancing our ADHD tendencies to code in every language known to man, or actually trying to accomplish something and create a finished product!  With that in mind, check out the show notes for Episode 17 to go see all the things we mentioned in the show.   Site created by @TroyHunt to help you find out if your email has ever been Hosted on Azure The world’s greatest Azure demo Software Engineering Blogs Instagram on Tumblr PostgreSQL is driving their site, not NoSQL Netflix Engineering Blog High Scalability Blog Best Practices for Storing Passwords: Epic Scare Humor: Today's Show - What Technology Stack to Use for Personal Development What stacks to use when creating new software on your own…as a business or software as a service… Linux - "free", fast, powerful Windows - licensing costs, easier to use, familiarity Xamarin - licensing costs can be prohibitive, truly cross platform for mobile Azure - cloud services, relatively inexpensive for tinkering around, killer features, scalability AWS - same as Azure .NET - prohibitive up-front costs for IDE, plugins, etc.  Familiarity a plus (for us), nice integration with Azure, faster development times PHP - hugely popular on the web - maybe you've heard of it? Javascript - seems everything is headed that way in one form or another NodeJS - just keeps growing in popularity - fast, free, small learning curve, ugly async nesting, all modules aren't mature NoSQL - seems to be all the rage, but is it really right for you? RDBMS - grandpa database...are you still relevant? Takeaways Create your MVP (minimal viable production) using technologies you know to get up and running quickly for your proof of concept The Lean Startup Player.FM - Herding Code Podcast Using Ruby - cool things with routing and URLs Want to see it in JSON? Programming Tips Michael Outlaw: Delete a line in Visual Studio: SHIFT + DEL Joe Zack: Album - Aphex Twin - Syro Allen Underwood: SQL Server Query Hints - WITH NOLOCK, WITH ROWLOCKCheck out Episode 13 and Episode 14 for even more information about databases. Shameless Please do, go give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher, or wherever you consume our podcast.  We'd greatly appreciate it!

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