#34 Nathalie Nahai - Marketing Psychology

Marketing Mysteries

Dec 2020

41 min 58 sec

In Episode 34 of "Marketing Mysteries" Philipp Kaul, CEO of vimabu talks with Nathalie Nahai, a web psychologist and best selling author of the book "Webs of Influence - The Psychology of Online Persuasion".

You may have realized that todays episode is in english. This is due to Nathalie, because she's from London originally. The Marketing Mysteries Podcast tries to really show you the newest concepts of online marketing and to talk to the highly asked guests in online marketing. Due to this claim, the episodes may be in english from time to time.Nathalie Nahai worked for the world's leading brands such as Google and Unilever and has got huge experience in Marketing as well as Branding & Psychology.We talked about her books, the limitation of choice, underrated insects, her podcast, eye tracking, f-shape pattern, writing the first book and much more.02:38 - introduction Nathalie Nahai03:58

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