S.2 E.8 - Martin (1978) w/ Gabe Powers of Genre Grinder

By Patrick Ripoll

Tracks of the Damned is back? We must truly be living in the end of days. Oh. Right. Well regardless, if we're all gonna be stuck in front of our TVs for the next two months than we might as well watch some movies together. So the plan right now is to go back into the crypt and dig up some old unreleased episodes and other archival material to release on a weekly basis. And to start off, a real doozy: Martin! In this episode, originally recorded in 2017, Patrick is joined by Gabe Powers of Genre Grinder to talk about the little-seen but oft-revered vampire flick by Pittsburgh's own George Romero. We talk about everything from the film's small-town Pennsylvania locale to Romero's work as an industrial filmmaker to whether or not this film was made prior to Tom Savini's nosejob! (Actually I'll give ya that one for free, it was.) And if you don't own a copy of Martin (who does?), psst, it's probably on YouTube, hint hint.   On top of that we go through the rest of Romero's filmography and parse out what of his work is timeless and what is era-defining. Absence makes the heart  fonder. That's what we hope anyway.   Timestamps: 0:00 - 4:24  -  Episode intro (2020) 4:25 - 7:12  -  Episode intro (2017) 7:13 - 1:46:35  -  Commentary Track 1:46:36 - 2:25:06  -  Romero Remake Discussion 2:25:07 - 2:26:11  -  Episode outro (2017) 2:26:12 - 2:26:51  -  Episode outro (2020)   And for more great podcasting about horror movies featuring Gabe and Patrick make sure to check out the Best Horror Movies of the 2010's discussion, which is not one, not two but three great episodes!

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