Late Nite Poutine


Sylvie Hill takes the time to join us for the first ever episode of Late Nite Poutine, where we talk about the different layers of her life as a writer, teacher, civil servant, lover of music, and so much more!  You can check her out @sylviehill on Twitter, and at   Every day in February, TFGC will be bringing you a new episodes in our 28 in 28 (plus one) challenge to release a podcast episode every day for a month! It is exciting and daunting, and we couldn't be happier to bring you all these wonderful little audio treats. If you like what you hear, you can follow us on social media or you can become a Patron at! When you become a patron, you get the chance to vote for your favourite 28in28 episode which we will make into a full season!   @2FingerGunsClub - Twitter  Two Finger Guns Club - Facebook  TwoFingerGunsClub - Instagram

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