Dakshima's Story

By David Lewry

This week our brand new friend, Dakshima, drops by and shares her journey. She comes from Sri Lanka where it is against the law to be yourself if you happen to be a lesbian and she proudly is. In Sri Lanka, the consequences of being found out as a lesbian can be ten years in prison. Not only could she not be herself, she was raised believing that who she was, was wrong and a crime. Her life was an incredible challenge for many reasons when she first arrived in Canada. One of these was being a lawyer when she arrived. Once in Canada, she had to work multiple jobs while she went back to university. Recognizing that she would basically have to start at the beginning if she was to practice law, Dakshima went into social work. She runs a program for new immigrants to Canada, who are also experiencing difficulty with identity. After sitting with her, there is no doubt that if you are struggling with identity and the multiple challenges facing immigrants coming to Canada, she is someone who can help. Thank you for your bravery and for being you!

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