How to Conduct an HR Audit

By BerniePortal

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin talks about the biggest HR and compliance failures of the year, and explains how to avoid similar mistakes through the power of auditing. He explains the various types of audits a company can utilize to both ensure compliance and streamline operations. He also provides a free HR Audit Checklist you can use to review your current HR practices. (BerniePortal: The all-in-one HRIS that makes building a business & managing its people easy) (What is an HRIS?) (Top Ethics and Compliance Failures of 2018- Compliance Week) (HR Scorecard: Review your current HR practices and identify your compliance risks) (BernieU: Your free one-stop-shop for compelling, convenient and comprehensive HR training and courses that will keep you up-to-date on all things human resources.) (Follow HR Party of One on Twitter)

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