Ep.5 Gut Health for the Immune System, Mental Health & supporting the Evolution of Consciousness on the planet w Asher Cloran

The HummingBird Collective's Podcast

May 2020

1 hr 25 min

In this episode we dive into Gut Health!!For our immune systems, for our physical health, for our mental health and our general well being!We discuss..The misconceptions of Candida, Thyroid Health, fasting, 5 Tips to restore and cultivate good gut health, how our gut can affect our natural evolution towards raising consciousness on the planet. This episode is incredibly insightful, you will want to take notes. After Asher Cloran healed his own chronic illness, mental health issues and weight problems through diet and lifestyle changes, his transformation sparked a deep passion to help others and he became a Kinesiologist, CHEK 1 practitioner, Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Author.Asher uses his incredibly in depth and personally cultivated knowledge of chemistry, physiology and nature to help people achieve the life results they desire.He believes that the source of all health comes through connection and a healthy relationship to our own nature and the natural world.He specialises in being able to see challenging health issues with an out of the box perspective, and provide solutions that can be hard to find in the mainstream medical awareness.www.liferocks.com.au

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