Listen w/ Diana Ideus, MS, MCC

By Hawthorne Union

No one listens like coaches listen. Diana from Hawthorne Union ( comes back on the show to talk about the book she and I co-created. It’s a short format, visually heavy book of mentor coaching techniques, and thought-provoking reflections to improve your listening as a coach. We talk about the evolution of the book, who it is for, and how we were very intentional in making it a tactile experience that can be consumed “fortune-cookie” style. To learn more about Diana’s SIG with ICFLA: To get your copy of our book: Diana Ideus (, the founder of Hawthorne Union, is a MasteredCertified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and has her Masters in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching.  Diana currently leverages her coaching, management, and leadership development experience with business leaders and coaches remotely and in California. --- I’m Jacen from Hawthorne Union, a professional coach. Join me as I discuss career development, personal and professional growth, and leadership from a coach’s point of view. Contact:

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