The Frontlines of Digital Transformation with Salesforce CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky

IT Visionaries

Jun 2019

41 min 41 sec

Now in her second year as Salesforce’s CIO, Jo-ann Olsovsky (LinkedIn) has been hard at work leading the digital transformation of the company while it continues to grow globally. She returns to this special episode of IT Visionaries co-hosted by Vidya Peters, the CMO of MuleSoft, to discuss how things have been going. Plus, Jo-ann gives a broad overview of what it means to be a CIO and be a part of the day-to-day business strategy, and what she’s most excited about when it comes to technology of the future.

This podcast is sponsored by The Salesforcce Platform, the low-code app development platform that empowers anyone to easily build, publish and manage AI-powered mobile-ready apps for employees and for customers. In this mini series on all things integration, we are excited to partner with MuleSoft, the #1 platform for APIs and integration. With Salesforce and MuleSoft, every business can unlock new connected experiences and drive digital transformation by connecting any app, data or device! Learn more at

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