Future of Retail - The Future of Payments

By Retail Doctor Group

Welcome to the latest edition of the Future Of Retail. We are delighted to bring you this session in which, Retail Doctor Group CEO, Brian Walker, is joined by Cameron Ross, Managing Director of Bleuco APAC whose mission is to democratize payments so that merchants and customers have accessibility, flexibility, and autonomy in the way they choose to exchange value with one another. It's a smart world and Bleu is at the forefront of providing smart financial solutions in the Internet of things. In this session we discuss: What does the future of payments look like? Is it actually a priority for the consumer? What role will and can the retailer play? How value is added in the process? How will the fintech sector differentiate itself in the future? We hope you enjoy this session     If you are looking to improve your business fitness or for more information, feel free to get in touch with the team via our website www.retaildoctor.com.au Email us on businessfitness@retaildoctor.com.au, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

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