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204: Meghan Telpner - A "Natural" Birth Story

By Dr. Jesse Chappus & Marni Wasserman: Health & Wellness Experts

Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition who's been ranked as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada. She’s written two bestselling books: UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health and The UnDiet Cookbook. In this episode, we discuss: The eternal pregnancy The importance of preconception planning Detoxing before getting pregnant (women & men) Nobody talks about miscarriages Eating 100% organic during preconception (and beyond) Recruiting an amazing pregnancy team Giving birth is the greatest physical feat of your lifetime The role of a doula and a midwife Every pregnant woman must go visit a pelvic floor therapist Pregnancy is unpredictable Birthing your child is simultaneously the most selfless and selfish act, of your life Traumatic births can cause PTSD Focusing on healing after giving birth Considering cosleeping? Balancing being a new Mom and an entrepreneur Saying no to good so you can say yes to great You can never plan for the unknown The unexpected feelings of being a new Mom Show sponsors: CoreChair <== Apply the code tuhpcc at checkout for your listener discount (free shipping in North America)* Thrive Market <== As a new customer you get a free 30-day membership, 25% off your order, and free shipping (US only)* Perfect Keto <== 20% off Perfect Keto products and they ship worldwide (free shipping in the US)* Sunwarrior <== 10% off all Sunwarrior products & free shipping over $100* Related links: Meghan Telpner - UnDiet (book)* Meghan Telpner - The UnDiet Cookbook (book)* Meghan Telpner's website Follow Meghan on Instagram Sign up for Meghan's Culinary Nutrition Expert Program (CNE)* Listen to Meghan Telpner previously on TUHP (episode #25, #91, & #146) Josh Gitalis' website Listen to Josh Gitalis previously on TUHP (episode #4, #80, & #146) Our Birth Story: Where Nothing Goes As We’d Planned (Meghan's blog) Miscarriages Happen and It’s Okay. Here’s What No One Talks About. (Meghan's blog) 40 Natural Solutions To Pregnancy Symptoms (Meghan's blog) My Prenatal Library: Best Books For A Natural Pregnancy and Birth (Meghan's blog) My Top 25 Essentials for New Moms and Babies (Meghan's blog) Why “Mom Guilt” Is Total Nonsense (Meghan's blog) Listen to Nadine Artemis previously on TUHP (episode #41, #88, #188) Sally Fallon Morell - The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care (book)* The Weston A. Price Foundation Roy Dittmann - Brighton Baby (book)* EPI-NO Delphine Plus The Ab System Heng Ou - The First Forty Days (book)* Evidence Based Birth (website) Sarah Buckley - Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (book)* Note: Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on iTunes, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to subscribe to our show on Google Play Music. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook group (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Our favourite social media platform is Instagram. Follow our adventures. 5. Download our Habits app for iOS. You choose the healthy habits you want to implement and maintain and our app will help keep you on track. Download Habits app*. 6. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!

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