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La Petite Mortisode - No. 7 - Intuition vs. Bias

By Cole Imperi

We talk about intuition (aka gut feelings) vs. bias in this Mortisode. How do you tell the difference? Is one BS? How do you recognize it intuition? How the heck does tarot relate, and what can you do to become better at listening to that inner voice? I also really struggle with saying French words because my mouth is made of Kentucky. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I thank you for your reviews which were all heartfelt and meaningful! I also share about a new, fun offering: tarot by mail!¶ TAROT BY MAIL sold out Tarot by Mail 10.00 Add To Cart $10 will get you an envelope with a tarot mat (gives you instructions on how to lay out a reading for yourself), three actual real tarot cards, a LDT sticker and a LDT tarot card. You can then look up card meanings on your own, or come to the LDT Facebook group to share what you learned, what you think and any questions. I'll pop in from time to time to answer questions or give extra insight if requested!You can send these to yourself or to someone you love!¶ STUDY: BIAS AND CONFLICT: A CASE FOR LOGICAL INTUITIONSHere's a link to the PDF of the study you can read on your own. ¶ FACEBOOK GROUPAnyone can join the LDT Facebook group. It's a place to discuss what pops up in the Mortisodes, your experience with tarot, the Tarot By Mail readings you get and also to share stuff you think relates. I hope this becomes a thoughtful, central place to chat about and share everything that relates or comes from your experience listening to this podcast!¶ FAIL FAST, FAIL CHEAPI mentioned this in the episode. It's a belief that sometimes it's better to just do something as soon as you can in the spirit of failing fast, failing cheap RATHER THAN investing weeks of iterations, research, and hours of time. You have more to lose the more time you spend on something, know what I mean?I learned this through the Eureka Ranch here in Cincinnati. This is an amazing organization and I feel so lucky they were part of my life. They really impacted who I became in terms of business. The Eureka Ranch

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