Graham & Jules

By Maria Passingham

A tale of coincidences and giddy young lovers. Graham spots Jules across the dancefloor, at a wedding he crashed in 1986, and sweeps her off her feet. Jules, a young New Zealander, finds her world opened up by this adventurous, fearless Brit who writes a letter every day he's away, and persuades restaurant owners to play his love songs.Each episode of Equal Parts is turned into a piece of art, with artists and illustrators working from the audio alone to create an impression. This week, Polly Draws honed in on the number of mementos mentioned in the story. See the growing gallery at Polly Draws on Instagram.This episode also includes a clip from a new podcast - Hope This Finds Me Well, an editaudio original. There'll be a full episode in your feed soon, or you can binge the season so far on Apple or Spotify.Become a Patron to support the show: a transcript for this episode: more or get in touch: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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