Cybersecurity Maturity in K-12 Schools

The K-12 Tech Experience

Oct 27

42 min 52 sec

In this episode of The K-12 Tech Experience, Jake Kasowski is joined by Chris Johnson, the Director of Technology at Mount Pleasant Community School District in Iowa. Jake and Chris discuss how cybersecurity across K-12 has changed and how mature school district cybersecurity is when it comes to the ability to protect against emerging threats. Chris shares how his role has changed as a technology director in a school district (); any lessons learned from the past year that Chris has continued to implement at Mount Pleasant CSD (); what cybersecurity maturity means and how it applies to K-12 schools (); how the increased cyberattacks toward K-12 has impacted cybersecurity maturity (); why smaller school districts need to assume they are as big of a target as larger districts and organizations (); the types of cyber threats school districts face, especially from the students and staff internally (); the direction that government and K-12 education are moving when it comes to cybersecurity (); the vulnerabilities school district technology directors need to be mindful of (); how Chris' outlook on cybersecurity, online safety, and privacy has changed during the past year (); how technology departments can balance cybersecurity and accessibility to learning resources in school classrooms (). Resources Chris uses to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends: SANS Institute (, MS-ISAC (, CISA (, Flipboard (, his local education area resource. Listen to Chris Johnson's podcast MSP 1337 ( and his episode on K-12 vulnerabilities ( Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @managedmethods @jakasowski and on LinkedIn. Learn more about ManagedMethods at

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