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Holders Vs Flippers, Who Makes More $$

By Buying Online Businesses

In this episode, our special guest was Mr. Charley Valher from Outsourcing Angels who have been running online businesses successfully for many years. If you want to know who makes more money between holders and flippers, today's podcast is perfect for you as we talk about: How to tell if a business is for you or not How to not invest with emotions Minimizing risk and how it's done Why you should buy websites costing less than the cost to build How to look at a business to purchase and grow What are easy wins, medium wins, and hard wins Pros and cons of Flipper Advantages and disadvantages of Holder 0:00 - Intro0:57 - Introduction to Charley Valher and his business3:13 - The experience of flipping business/website6:33 - The pro in flipping. Go in, do what you're great at, cash it out, and then move on and keep repeating that process14:42 - A big con to being a flipper is that you can end up with capital tied into a project, sometimes there're just no businesses that are right for you available to flip18:05 - Another con, You just need to put in a lot more work more often, rather than if you were going to hold18:45 - The pro of being a holder is you get to take advantage of compound interest. The compound effect21:12 - Interesting opportunities can pop up, if you're a holder, where you might find Joint Ventures, or add ons or there's a whole bunch of things that probably don't exist in the flipping market25:39 - Cons for being a holder: it depends on the business model you buy. The longer your businesses out there, the more competition comes to the market30:14 - Business Evolution. Make sure that what you're getting into is still going to be around, or you're going to have the ability to evolve into what it’s going to be around35:04 - Let me know what you believe you'd be in any sort of things that you think you'd love covered on the podcast36:25 - Closing Remarks and How and where to contact Charley Learn more or get in touch with Charley Valher here: more about Outsourcing Angel here: more about The Parenting Co here: /

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