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45. 10 ways to reduce your kids screen time with Stefanie Gass

By a Natural Shift

Stefanie is a mama and wife who lives in a mountain range right outside of  Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a 3 on the Enneagram, Stefanie is a full on Mompreneur. After working 6 years in the corporate world she was introduced to network marketing and began her journey in the entrepreneur world. Stefanie shares with us how to cut down on screen time by setting boundaries not only for our children but also for ourselves. Deleting the social media apps on the weekend is a way to stay off of your phone and be more present. We are a model for our children and can be an example for our kids by being intentional and putting our phone away. Here are her best tips: Create a playlist for your kids- on the days that you are home have your kids create an activity playlist on a piece of paper. Have the kids do the activities one by one with a timer. The kids love to have a goal and a timeframe to complete it. Rotate toys- When kids get new toys, for their birthday or Christmas, put some of the toys away and bring one out at a time to keep the toys fun and fresh. It also helps when you know that you need to have your kids preoccupied, instead of handing your child technology, hand them a new toy. Work with Mama- for Mompreneurs, get your kids in to work with you. Give your kids work and help them to see how good being an entrepreneur is.   Clean with mama- give your kids age appropriate tasks to help you clean and get involved and off the devices. Get outside- go to the backyard or to a park and handle those sales calls while your kids are running around. Gym daycare- if you have a daycare at your gym, get an hour of work and then get an hour of workout in while your child is playing with friends. Swapping playdates- find a friend that you trust and see if they are willing to do a playdate swap! You take the friends kids one day and then another day the friend takes your kids. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Take a bath- put your kids in the bath and sit in the bathroom and work while they are playing. Crafting- allow your kids to make a mess while making something new. Build a fort - create a fort and let your kids imagination run wild, that will allow you to get some work done.   To Stefanie, taking the upgrade means being honest with ones self and being focused on the calling that God has for your life. Stop comparing yourself to others!   You can reach Stefanie at Facebook: Instagram: Website: Listen to Stefanie’s podcast The Mompreneur Mastermind Show In the Kitchen Membership Group: Connect with us→ via social media: Facebook: Instagram: Follow Julie--> Follow Kari-->   On the web:   Check out our FREE goodies for you! ebooks: Printables:   Links to listen: 👉🏻itunes:  👉🏻spotify:  👉🏻google play: 👉🏻stitcher:  

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