I’ve Been Struggling a Lot With Brain Fog Recently and Feel Like I Run Out of Energy so Quickly. What Would You Recommend As Steps to Getting Back to Myself?

Ask The Health Expert

Sep 20

9 min 22 sec

"I’ve been struggling a lot with brain fog recently and feel like I run out of energy so quickly. What would you recommend as steps to getting back to myself?" asks Kelsey from Instagram. Here to answer is Dr. Bill Cole, Functional Medicine Expert and Health Coach. In this episode, Dr. Cole points out that symptoms like this can be a big red flag. There are energy factories inside of our cells and if they are not producing enough ATP, we can experience energy depletion or brain fog. Listen in to hear Dr. Cole explain how hormone resistance may be the culprit and what to do about it. The good news is the solution may be no further than your own kitchen. Get access to Dr. Bill Cole's FREE 42 Day Cellular Cleanse https://drbillcole.mykajabi.com/offers/qiroY2yW

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