Ep. 9 Silica sand and the power of humility - Mark Whatley

By Jon Isaacson / The DYOJO

We discuss the Silica Exposure: Regulatory Evolution research white paper published by Actionable Insights and authored by Kevin Hussey (United Fire and Water), Mark Whatley (Actionalable Insights) and Rachel Stewart (Titan Restoration).    Whatley shares a few great quotes:  "Rising tides raise all ships."  By being humble and asking adjusters how he could improve his Xactimate estimating, Whatley has been able to excel in many areas to the benefit of himself, his team and now the network of professionals that he works with through Actionable Insights.  "Diverse perspectives, shared objectives."  Out of necessity, he pulled together a group of over 30 peers to discuss best practices for scoping in the industry. Out of these many meetings, conversations and lessons learned over their collective careers, these lessons have formed the treasure trove of digital assets. Many of the tips and tricks come out of two books that the group wrote, The Umpires Mitigation and Repair Manuals.    In the pursuit of becoming a Doctor of Disaster and a proper response to silica sand, you must understand:   Ignorance is not an excuse. In the information age none of us can hide behind the terrible excuse, "I didn't know."    You are responsible for the safety of yourself, your team and your organization's response to work place hazards which include silica sand. Whether you are a technician working in the field, a mid level manager or an executive, you must work to understand and implement best practices.   Always be learning. Be intentional to develop your knowledge, skills and empower your team to assist you in making your workplace the best that it can be.    Thank you for listening to The DYOJO Podcast between Jon Isaacson, The Intentional Restorer and Mark Whatley, Actionable Insights. You can also see the video on our Youtube page and read the article from Restoration and Remediation (R&R) Magazine. Our sponsor for this episode is Morning Tech Meeting. As an owner, you can subscribe to MTM and reap the benefits of having Eric "The Tech Whisperer" Sprague providing daily 6-8 minute soft skills training for your team. Enhance your team development, accelerate your culture of excellence and boost your bottom line. Normally this service is $39/month (1 fee for your entire team), mention The DYOJO Podcast and you will received $10 OFF  (ONLY $29/MONTH) - https://www.morningtechmeeting.com Check out our audio and video library of discussions with entrepreneurs in the property restoration, construction and insurance communities via The DYOJO Podcast as well as The DYOJO Youtube Page - Three Questions (3Qs) with a Pro.    Mark Whatley - https://www.getinsights.org  The DYOJO - https://www.thedyojo.com  The DYOJO Podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple and Google   The Intentional Restorer - https://www.randrmagonline.com   "Actionable" by Bensound.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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