#quaranTALK - today's guest: Ashley Bourgeois, DVM

By That Vet Life

Ashley is a board certified veterinary dermatologist working on the west coast. She is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge with vets and vet students through her Instagram @thedermvet and podcast, The Derm Vet, which you can find on any major podcasting platform. In today's episode I chat with Ashley about the current state of veterinary medicine and what her clinic is doing to provide veterinary care to their patients amidst this pandemic. Equally, we talk about podcasting and the important role it has in disseminating information, now more than ever. BONUS: I premiered the intro song for #quraranTALK at the beginning of this episode. Though ya'll will have to tell me if I should keep it or not. lol. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thatvet-life/message

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