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Ep #112: Lessons in Going From $24 Million to Over $100 Million in Less than Five Years

By Geoff Zimpfer

With 18 years of experience, Nicole Rueth isn’t new to the mortgage lending field, but it wasn’t until recently that she kicked her game up a notch. And kick it up she did -- in rock star fashion. In less than five years, this self-described data geek catapulted her business from $24 million to over $100 million (say what?), and her numbers keep rising each year. You go, girl. Nicole swears by the importance of choosing your lane or passion. This wholehearted commitment allows her to focus completely on her goal of helping clients build wealth through real estate. Just as important, education and classes play a key role in enabling Nicole to serve as an indispensable guide for clients seeking to navigate their real estate journey. In today’s episode, Nicole shares how she chose her lane and how mentors have played -- and continue to play -- a key role in helping her go “all in.” We also see how being authentic and producing relevant content helps her stay top-of-mind with the real estate agents she works with. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How to discover your area of expertise within the field of mortgage lending Why it’s important for you to stay focused and resist the temptation of shiny pennies How mentors can help you up your LO game Why you don’t have to love being in front of the camera to produce high-quality video content Why being relational is essential to your long-term success as a loan officer Why numbers don’t lie and how you can put that fact to work for you in 2019 Tips on types of content to include on your YouTube channel LINKS FROM TODAY’S EPISODE The Rueth Team - Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation The Rueth Team YouTube Channel The Rueth Team Facebook page White Collar Warrior by Bill Hart Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® Nicole Nicolay Sarah Middleton - Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation All In with Coach Bill Hart Ready to grow your business in the new year? Check out the new Mortgage MarketingPRO membership which helps you get more Agent referrals, convert more clients and build your online presence. Want more free content to help you succeed? Join our Facebook Group Here

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