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(#66) How To CHANGE Your Beliefs

By Kathrin Zenkina

You often hear that your reality is a reflection of your beliefs. Obviously, having positive, empowering and productive beliefs is important to manifesting a life that you are proud to be living. However, most people don't actually know what their current beliefs are, let alone how to change them or what they're supposed to be. I'm about to give you the full scoop on how to do this in a very simple step-by-step process. This was originally an email that I sent out to my list, so excuse the scripted format. Hopefully you get some life-changing info out of this and make sure to share this episode with those who need to hear it too :)  Important links from the podcast episode: To join the Tapping into Massive Wealth bootcamp that I shared in this episode, you can find that here. Other important links:  Follow me on the Gram: @manifestationbabe Learn more about me: Join the Manifestation Babes FB Group: Manifestation Babes. Subscribe to the YouTube channel:

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