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Turn a Spark into Something Bigger

By Without Boxes

In this episode, Kat Franchino interviews Audrey Johnson on how to take a small spark of passion and turn it into something bigger. Audrey shares some of her advice on staying motivated through the rough times and pushing through to the end desired result. “I think the last couple of years, especially working in startups, has really taught me to stick to a couple of rules…relentless optimism, I think, is one.” Following the bootstrap startup mottos have held Audrey, as well. No matter what you’re doing in life or business, she says to “Test quickly, fail hard, and then, you know, change it, do it again until it works.” In fact, it’s really great to be able to trash something that’s not working – you can still move beyond it to be successful. It’s less about each individual idea but your end goals. “Don’t get married to your ideas—get married to your why.” “I try to tell myself ‘be reckless about your reputation,’ and I am in some ways, and in other ways I still have that voice inside that’s like, ‘Oh! You better not do that!’ But I try to do that anyway.” (more…)

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