Eat To Nourish Your Soul

By Sharmila Bhowmick

Welcome to episode 25 of Selflove with Sharmila. I love food, I am a foodie. How many times have you heard this? The truth is – everyone loves to eat. And everyone loves to eat food they have growing up eating, what is close to their culture, what they are familiar with. Everyone loves comfort food which rekindle childhood memories or seems like the most natural form of nourishment. But it seems everyone has an opinion about what food one should eat. What you put on your plate is a matter of culture, politics, status and so much more. To me, what I put on my plate is a personal business. What I love to eat is close to who I am. What I love to eat is something I have learnt through m   y family, race, community, culture, origin, history, geography or what have you. What I eat is nobody’s business but mine.Selflove is all about setting all kinds of boundaries, and that also includes the food on your plate. So naturally, I do have a problem with fad diets which try and shock the system and make the metabolism react.  Unless it’s a medical condition and your diet is restricted by a physician – when it comes to everyday food habits, I think food is a personal experience and not even a spoonful of it should be compromised or influenced by another’s idea of what it should be for you. In short, the message is, eat what you love and eat well. A lady I met sometime ago said something about eating to me that stuck with me – never eat when you are stressed or when you are not composed. Eat with time on your hand, make eating a ritual and then every meal of your life is a feast. This stuck with me. While compromising your breakfast or lunch has now become a regular lifestyle statement – it is most disrespectful for your body and soul to work while you are hungry or skip meals. Eating is directly related to emotions. Eating disorders, stress eating all stem from underlying mental issues. So how you eat and what you eat is actually reflects your wellness. Eat consciously, spare time to really eat your favourite food frequently to feel fulfilled. Source the foods your crave. Make your own soul food meal plan. The more connected you get with the food you eat, you start rebuilding your connection with not just the food on your plate but the entire idea of nourishment. We grow when we are nourished.  As we start eating consciously, we automatically start picking food that is good for us. So pay attention to what you are putting on your plate – make sure you are biting into something your soul craves and not someone’s opinion. With that food for thought, I close this episode and I shall be back again with yet another episode of Selflove With Sharmila. Keep listening.

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