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Embodying Archetypes Through Voice

By Maddy Moon: Feminine Embodiment | Transformational Life Coach | Mindset Teacher| Spiritual Entrepreneur | Disordered Eating Recovery

Episode 268: Every human has shadow sides that can rule their reality if they aren’t accepted and integrated into their life. In this powerful episode, Embodiment teachers Madelyn Moon and Jamie Wollrab discuss real examples of how embodying shadows will change your life— as well as your family, your business, your trauma and how you feel about yourself.  Madelyn and Jamie offer their profound insight into the work they've done to heal their shadows/trauma by embracing the part of themselves that they didn't want others to see. "Whatever is touched and experienced fully, dissolves." Once we fully feel into our shadows—the bitch, the slut, the bully, etc, they break apart and dissolve. Madelyn and Jamie explain the process they'll be leading at the retreat in November to embody your shadows to unlock greater freedom, self-expression, love and empowerment. Through chakra clearing, vocal work, embodiment and polarity work, you'll leave the event forever beautifully changed. Show notes: “Until we bring the unconscious mind into the conscious mind, it will rule our lives and we will call it fate.”  The process and power of giving our inner critic a voice so it doesn’t run/ruin our lives. Jamie's acting student who had a rich embodiment experience with her shadow. The thing we want to hide from everyone is what will restore us. We are only as light as we are dark. When we embrace our flaws, it actually augments the light side of us. What is actually the shadow? The metaphor of the shadow and a castle to help you understand this work. The bitch and slut archetypes and why they aren't bad.  Reclaiming your inner bitch and slut. “We are all wounded healers.” The embodiment process of embracing parts of you that you don’t want others to see. It's okay to be a teacher and to say "I don't know." Let Rooted Lyfe help you create your own at-home oasis using their tinctures, topicals, bath bombs, and their newly launched Cellulose Sheet mask. Save 10% off your purchase by using coupon code MADDY10 at  Rooted Lyfe Podcast Episode with Danielle Smith HERE Channeling Joan of Arc and Kali. Whatever is touched fully, dissolves—once we fully feel it, it breaks apart. Jamie's issues with his father and how he processed through his shadow. The art of dissonance. The Embodied Archetype Retreat: Giving a Voice to the Hidden Shadow, November 15-17, 2019. Apply HERE. Connect with Maddy: Facebook (and/or “follow” my profile HERE) Instagram Mind Body Musings Podcast Coaching Get your free gift HERE

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