Ep.9: How to Make Skilled Millenials Stay in your Team?

By Sean Si

Given all this information, what exactly should we, as employers, as the management, do in order to make millennials stay on our team? Apple thinks that a big part of the reason why they stayed is because we continuously communicated with them, we had a genuine interest to see how much they’ll grow and how far they’ll reach in the future. We help them holistically by knowing them as a person. Kevin mentions how a book by Brene Brown titled Dare to Leap. It talked about vulnerability and how each person has their own suit of armor that should help defend the individual from criticisms. That being said, one thing that millennials are looking for is authenticity. They can see through even the most well-crafted of lies. You should be authentic with them. they’ll appreciate the hard truth more than a speech full of flowery words. Second, they have to know that we are greater than them. We should continuously raise the bar higher and higher. We have to be the person they aim to be. I think that another way that our millennials will keep staying in our team is to give them the right positions. You would rather your teammates love what they’re doing rather than just be stuck in a job they don’t like. The funny thing is that you would realize that a lot of the millennials really want to share these urges and that’s what Teamstrr helped bridge. In my company, there are a few cliques with which they’re very comfortable sharing their thoughts. With Teamstrr, however, it gives them another platform to share with us as well. People like sharing their thoughts with a mentor, or with someone that they believe will genuinely care about what they have to say. You should keep in mind, however, that Teamstrr is not an end-all-be-all solution. You, the management, should also do your part in making it look like you’re a mentor, you’re a leader, that you’re a person that cares for your team. Millennials have always been told that we can be whatever we want. But then again, that’s not how the world works. We should know what is realistic, and which ones are not. Know that God has a custom-made place that is made for you. And you will eventually find that place in due time. Not everything that will go your way is sunshine and rainbows. But at the end of the day, you’ll reach the destination that God planned for you. Steve Jobs once said “It’s bitter medicine, but the patient needed it” pertaining to the time when he got kicked out of Apple. And that’s something that parents and even company leaders should understand. You can’t just tell people that rely on you that life is going to be great, because the honest truth is that it’s not. It’s going to be bitter. But you will need that medicine to get better. Because without it I wouldn’t have reached this point in my life. Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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