Giving and Receiving Appreciation (Niiamah Ashong with Stacy Louise Christopher)

Outlier to Trailblazer with Niiamah Ashong

Jan 2020

48 min 21 sec

In our bid to make an impact on our creative paths, we can sometimes find ourselves questioning if whatever we are doing is working. It is normal to question yourself as you continue to trudge on the road less traveled. This is why you should purpose to receive any appreciation sent your way. Stacy points to put the strengths she sees in me during this conversation. It is a humbling experience that shows me how much of an impact the path I have chosen, is having on her and others. YOUR JOURNEY CONTINUES I have learned that surrounding yourself with the right people is priceless. They have a way of pointing out the strengths they see in you and at times this is all you have to hold on to.

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