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Simple Changes for Empowered Families - Joanne & Tracey

By Mish Pope

I never thought I'd ever do a podcast about additive and preservative free living -- it just isn't my thing -- until I came across Jo & Tracey from 'Additive Free Lifestyle' Here's the thing, my daughter has sensitivities to eggs and corn -- all products of corn. She was projectile vomiting 2-3x a week when we were in USA and looking back it was due to the amount of corn (corn syrup) in her food. When I came back to Australia, I decided to really look at the labels. What on earth was 'flavoruing' and why was maltodextrin in EVERYTHING? I started to really look into it more. Although it didn't come up due to behaviour issues with Ainslie, if we weren't on top of it, she broke out in systematic itchy rashes for 3-4 days.  After listening to Jo's story with her young daughter, I had to get the ladies on to talk about how to change your diet, feel empowered, and sane as a mom. WITHOUT being in the kitchen all day. I love their free challenge and their paid program. I hope that you enjoy this episode. ---- Joanne Ling and Tracey Fry are two mothers and wives who are both into living the healthiest lifestyles they possibly can. Together they created Sistermixin’ which has now grown to become Additive-Free Lifestyle.  They are passionate about changing the way you look at food by spreading the message that additives and preservatives can be toxic to your health, via their online program Additive Free Made Easy. Their mission is to educate everyone (especially their own families) on exactly what you are eating, what is in your food and some of the harmful effects these can have on your health.  They are also totally in love with doTERRA essential oils which they use daily, not just in cooking, but also around their respective houses. Joanne and Tracey have now gone on to create more programs to further educate and help family’s control what they are eating. Their additive-free meal planning program, Meals Made Easy, launched in January 2017, which is a simple, monthly meal planning program full of family-friendly, yummy food. They launched their podcast show, The Whole Circle, back in May 2016 where a new episode is released every two weeks. And, of course, their signature program, Additive Free Made Easy, has helped thousands of families change their lives forever. Find out more on their website:

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