111: Tricks of the Mind: I Was Thinking My Feelings

Inner Work with Steli Efti

Nov 16

47 min 51 sec

I've always been a very cerebral person, relying primarily on my intellect to achieve my goals and solve problems I encounter. For a very long time, I equated the mind with myself. I viewed the body as a vehicle that just carries my mind. But as I started getting more in touch with my feelings, I also started paying more attention to my body—and began to realize that it's so much more than just a vehicle. The body has it's own wisdom. Recently I decided to pay more attention to what my body tells me—and soon caught my mind pretending to be my body.

When you bring mind, body, and soul in harmony, when you connect the different parts within you, then you also become whole and feel more connected with everything around you.

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