250 | Lifestyle Clutter

By Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua and Ryan talk about all the extra things we do, and the extraneous activities, obligations, and tasks we commit to that make our lives more complicated with author and fitness expert Ben Greenfield, and they answer the following questions: How do I let go of limiting beliefs? (06:38) How do I reconcile my creativity and my desire for profit? (07:04) How important are mission statements? (07:35) How important is the skill of delegation for creatives? (11:33) How do I appropriately delegate responsibilities and obligations? (14:02) What are some opportunities for diversification? (17:12) How can I ensure I’m planning an intentional life as a senior in high school? (23:20) How do I determine my purpose? (24:22) How important is adaptability and flexibility? (32:22) How do we appropriately minimize commitments and obligations? (34:51) Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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