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S1E02 Alice Bentinck -- Entrepreneur First

By Rich Martell & Dan Murray

In this episode you will learn; Where the idea for Entrepreneur First came from originally, and how that’s evolved through the years How to start a business with no business model whatsoever The best and worst company ideas she’s ever been pitched. What they look for in individuals that gives them the confidence to just give them cash and help them to develop valuable ideas And lots more of course... Key Quotes As an entrepreneur - where do you stop and the company start? I want people to eventually see me as the greatest AI leader globally (and fun fact she is pretty certain EF is currently the biggest investor in AI technology in Europe) “We look for megalomania in our founders - this crazy belief that if everything else goes wrong, we’ll be ok - that’s pretty important for resilience. Entrepreneurs always come up with the same ideas - so what we enjoy is trying to push people to think a bit more uniquely. But I’ve heard probably every single dating and food delivery concept you’ve ever thought of. Top Advice: Get a mentor or professional coach - it creates huge value for founders - so much so they use a bunch of them for their founders, to make sure they’re mentally balanced. How important a ‘growth mindset’ is for resilience and how she tries to embed that within her teams. Strong beliefs, weakly held. What makes you special? Think about that before thinking about what you want to do. And then think big. Other Fun Facts: Magic Pony Technology was 18 months old from Entrepreneur First and sold for £150m to Twitter, with only 15 people - the founders had never met each other before they started. In one University they work with, more people join EF than join the financial services sector now!

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