[Rebroadcast] What To Send AFTER Your Welcome Series

By Kate Doster

This is the last episode in our summer fun series where you're re-listening to some of our most popular episodes and hidden gems that your ear holes need to hear again. Next week September 9 we'll be coming back at you with brand new episodes. Show updates: I am no longer doing the review contest on Itunes   Take a pic of listening to the show tag me on your Instagram Stories - @kate_doster ------ This week we're covering what to send AFTER your welcome series... Still don't have a welcome series? Listen to #93 Exactly What to Write in Your Welcome Series to Create Fans and Buyers for Life first, then come back to this week's show.  This week you'll learn:  The best types of emails to send your people How often you should send email  Why showing up is 99% of the battle Get 2 Years Worth of Newsletter Ideas - Don’t worry about what to email your list until 2021! >>>Https://www.katedoster.com/2years       Want to sponsor the show? Email me - Kate@katedoster.com with sponsorship in the subject line

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