#87 - Walker Acres w/ Julia Walker

By Tyler C. Smiley

Julia Walker is the owner, lead instructor and program coordinator of Walker Acres, a horse ranch based in Hillsborough, NC. Walker Acres offers an experience the whole family can enjoy from personal pony rides to formal riding classes. On this episode Julia and I talk about the need for community as well as what being around horses can teach us about ourselves. Hope you enjoy! Instagram: @walkeracreshillsboroughnc YouTube: Walker Acres Website: www.walkeracreshillsboroughnc.com ________________________________________ SPONSOR - Cardinal Chiropractic & Sports Recovery - www.cardinalchirosports.com šŸ“² Connect w/ Cooler Conversations Instagram: @coolerconversations Facebook: @coolerconversations Gmail: coolerconversationspodcast This podcast is a culmination of cool stories and the coolest people. This is Cooler Conversations! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/coolerconversations/support

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