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#67 with President and GM Leybold, Carl Brockmeyer

By Christoph Magnussen & Michael Trautmann

Carl Brockmeyer, President and General Manager Leybold North America #OnTheWayToNewWork #TheNewYorkTapes #PodcastInThePark #Pocast67 “I have been paperless since the first iPad.” Carl Brockmeyer was always very young for his roles. He has been CFO in China and Taiwan, Head of Business Development and since May 2017 he is President and General Manager of Leybold North America. Carl is 33 years old. His employer, Leybold has been part of the Swedish Atlas Copco Group since 2016, which has an annual turnover of 40 billion euros. Leybold is the oldest vacuum pump manufacturer in the world. Carl summarizes the fascination of Leybold as: "We are the king of the niches." In this episode, we will talk to him about the challenges that come with offering a range of applications: from chips bags, sunglasses, aircraft turbines, aerospace research, to the Hyperloop. Carl enthusiastically talks about his new hometown of Pittsburg and his role as a young German man, leading a team in the United States, where some colleagues have been working for the company for 40 years. We talk about a fascinating corporate culture and a positive example of post-merger integration. Carl is a millennial generation representative, he works without paper, thinks mobile-first and has installed Facebook Workplace for himself and his 100 employees. What he has experienced and how emotionally a colleague has reacted as a result of this, you will hear in the current issue of our podcast. Have fun with Episode 67 of the #OnTheWaytonewWork Podcast SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD And ITUNES And all book tips here With Christoph Magnussen and Michael Trautmann

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