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163 Suzy Buttress - Appreciating the Wonder and Excitement of Birds

By Harry Duran

Suzy Buttress is host of The Casual Birder podcast and has a deep love and appreciation for all types of birds. Having recently launched her podcast in November 2017, Suzy set out to share the wonder and excitement of watching wild birds in their natural habitat by sharing her experiences about the birds she’s seen in the UK and other parts of the world with people just as passionate about bird watching. I was fascinated when I learned about Suzy’s podcast through a serendipitous Twitter thread I came across and reached out to her to invite her on the show. With her elegant and soothing English accent coupled with her passion for birds, Suzy is sure to delight even the most casual birder. 05:10 - How I found out about Suzy’s podcast 06:24 - When her interest in birdwatching started 08:27 - Why she calls herself a casual birder and why she started her podcast 11:03 - Birdwatching as a form of meditation 11:58 - Suzy explains the format, content, and style of her show 14:00 - The type of guests she’s had on the Casual Birder 16:43 - The generosity of the podcasting community 19:28 - Her favorite podcasts 20:35 - Helen Zaltzman’s Podcast Support group she’s a part of 24:17 - The meaning of bird calls and songs 28:38 - How anyone can learn the meaning of the sounds birds make 30:57 - How she is able to determine the type of bird by their sound 34:52 - Combining her husband’s love of photography with her love of bird watching 38:08 - Her husband joining her on the podcast to talk about their trip to Antarctica to penguin watch 40:29 - If penguins are classified as birds 44:51-  Her Facebook group 46:37 - What inspired her to start her podcast 53:05 - What the most challenging thing has been for her as a podcaster 58:35 - How she would like to build and grow her podcast going forward 1:02:01 - Audio drama podcasts 1:03:54 - Something she’s changed her mind about recently 1:06:18 - The most misunderstood thing about her Full Show Notes:

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