Episode 17 - The Other Crisis

By Clare O'Neil MP

In the final episode of Season 1, Clare is joined by two long term thinkers for a surprisingly hopeful look into how COVID might affect the climate change discourse: Rebecca Huntley, one of Australia's foremost social researchers, and the author of 'How To Talk About Climate Change In a Way that Makes a Difference'; and Anna Skarbek, CEO of ClimateWorks Australia, and a founding director of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.Australia and the world currently face two catastrophic crises, and yet one has seen the total focus of governments while the other has not. COVID and climate change share many similarities—the threat of severe suffering and major economic consequences, the need for collaboration and change. So what have we learned from this one? What should we learn? And how do we make sure climate change action underpins all our goals as we work to rebuild and grow the Australian economy?Please leave us a review, let us know what you think, and subscribe to stay up to date with the series.You can also follow Clare and join the conversation on social media:Twitter: twitter.com/clareoneilmpInstagram: instagram.com/clareoneilmpFacebook: facebook.com/clareforhotham

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