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Tracking your sleep with Petteri Lahtela

By JJ Virgin

Petteri Lahtela from Finland has invented the oura ring, a ring that helps you track your sleep and other physical functions, this way you can learn how to schedule your bedtime and other activities in your daily life. Learn how you can improve your health, keep off the pounds you’ve lost and feel better in general with this amazing ring!   Key Takeaways: [:25] Oura rings [:46] Sleep [:57] Night owls vs early birds [1:08] How much sleep do really need? [1:23] Petteri Lahtela´s career [1:57] Wellness ring [3:02] Why does sleep matter? [3:20] Recovering for daily mental and physical health [4:00] What happens in our body while we sleep? [4:12] Balance in our systems [4:51] People tend to steal from sleep. [5:15] After sleeping 8 to 9 hours it is easier to keep off weight. [5:49] The adults should sleep from 7 to 9 hours, but we are all unique. [6:18] Our bodies tell us how much sleep we need. [6:37] After 2 nights of bad sleep, our bodies suffer consequences. [7:42] Poor sleep affects our mental and physical performances. [8:02] Sleep deprivation is a huge problem. [8:17] We can prevent accidents and health problems. [9:10] If someone is not a good sleeper, what can they do? [9:40] Listen to our bodies. [9:52] Rhythms have huge effect on sleep quality. [10:36] We should live according to our chronotype. [10:54] What is your chronotype? [11:12] [11:27] An oura ring can track your sleep. [13:20] How does it help? [13:26] How can you exercise and recover? [14:48] [15:02] What do you do every day that makes the biggest difference in your life? [15:15] Spend time with family. [16:13] What you measure you can improve. [16:46] The true cause of gain weight is food intolerance. [17:13] The Virgin diet [17:22] [17:36] [17:49] Listeners’ questions [18:02] Working overnight cause troubles sleeping. [18:38] Light, temperature, mood [19:15] Sleep candy [20:12] Shift the times you sleep.   Mentioned in This Episode:

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