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56: Imagine if you won the lotto…

By Coby Stokman

I first heard this from Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School and I have added my own twist to it, so here we go. We have all said at some stage, maybe in a joking way, maybe in a little bit of joking with a hint of serious ‘Yeah, I just need to win the lotto’ ‘sooo you’ll win the lotto this week yeah?’ But seriously, why do we attach to this INSTANT success, instant gratification of having something instantly? I know I have said it before, but let’s think of it in a different way – let’s imagine you get a phone call today that you have won $20million…your life has instantly changed yeah? Your whole world is turned upside down in the most amazing way & things are suddenly amazing. But…they really are not. Nothing has changed physically. The only thing that has changed is your thoughts. Your bank account is still exactly the same as it was before. For all you know it could be a hoax, yet you let it mean that your life is now suddenly amazing but there is actually no more money in your bank account…the happiness you are creating in the moment is based on your thoughts and the prospect of what your life could look like…so, my biggest question to you is can we look forward at what we see coming or want In our future, what we are working towards and generate that same joy? Same happiness? AND can we look at our current state of life and same, generate that same happiness. I say HELL YES!   KEY TAKEAWAYS If someone called and said you won the lotto – would anything actually change? Your thoughts about a situation that physically hasn’t changed is creating the happiness you want in your life…you are creating it based on your thoughts How could you generate this same amount of happiness into your daily life? What would this look like for you?   CONNECT If you haven’t already, go connect with me! Web:  Facebook: /therealmumlife Instagram: @trml_therealmumlife

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