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Episode 159: Buying Assets with Joe Flanigan

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Episode 159: Buying Assets with Joe FlaniganOn this episode, we take a step into a different direction. Joe Flanigan joins us to talk about what to do once you get to a point where you are ready to buy other business assets and grow your wealth. We specifically focus on buying multifamily apartment buildings and gain a better understanding of the risks and rewards of investing in real estate. Join us in this exciting episode! Joe Flanigan is from Houston, Texas where he owns District H CrossFit. Joe started CrossFit in 2005 and spent five years studying the methodology behind the fitness program before he got into coaching. As a coach, he specializes in weightlifting and helping others achieve their fitness goals. In addition to owning a gym and his passion for fitness, Joe loves real estate and has been involved in the real estate market for many years now.  Don’t Forget! Find out what stage of entrepreneurship you are in by taking the exclusive Two Brain test here: or schedule your free mentoring call by clicking here! Links: Timeline:2:08 – Introduction to Buying Assets with Joe Flanigan6:30 – What lead Joe to buying apartment complexes and other real estates9:15 – The first step to investing in real estate once you have enough cash11:18 – The importance of risk level when investing in real estate13:45 – How to get started investing in multifamily real estate?18:23 – What is the best way to determine your net worth20:26 – How to search for the right property to invest in?24:34 – What are the critical numbers to perform due diligence on30:34 – How to find the right investors for big investment projects?33:10 – Distributing profit to passive investors and active investors37:49 – How long does it take to close a typical real estate deal?

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