Davina, Will You Be My Best Friend?

By MenTalkHealth UK

With the Mind Media Awards bringing many brilliant mental health campaigners together, Damian & Eli take a moment to catch up with Jake Mills the night after his amazing win for his 24 hour Mental Health Marathon Show on Liverpool's Radio City Talk Radio. It's a packed podcast, mixing laughter with supporting talk as our trio cover the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of working with TV Production companies as a "Mental Health" guest. Essential listening to any TV Production Company wanting to help tell our stories Later, the episode tackles an often ignored topic of male sexual assault giving a voice to one of our beloved MTH team who is still coming to terms with his experience and is met with love and support from the others. TRIGGER WARNING- Episode contains non-detailed reference to sexual assault. Edited by Eli Beaton Sound by Corbin Sounds

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