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Is Your Organization Committed To Strengths? with Elise Morris

By Michelle McQuaid

Elise Morris, who is a disruptor of conventional leadership and people management practices and co-founder of the Strengths Lab. With more than 25 years of global and local human resources experience in corporate and public sector organizations and a masters of applied positive psychology, Elise's diverse background allows her to straddle the commercial realities of organizations while forming deep human connections to facilitate positive change and extraordinary outcomes. In this week’s episode, Elise Morris explains how a strengths-focus can be infused across people management processes in workplaces. Connect with Elise Morris:  The Strengths Lab You’ll Learn: [02:28] - Elise explains why strengths interventions in workplaces need to be more focused on how teams and organizations can support the development of people’s strengths. [04:01] - Elise shares how the employee lifecycle or employee experience can be used to infuse a strengths focus throughout a workplace. [05:40] - Elise offers some practical tips for strengths focused recruiting, from job descriptions to job advertisements, and job interviews. [07:21] - Elise explains why she doesn’t generally recommend using strengths assessment surveys during the recruitment process. [08:33] - Elise shares why the onboarding experience is a critical opportunity to help people embrace a strengths focus as they join a workplace. [10:32] - Elise explains why it’s important that we are willing to be vulnerable with each other about our strengths and we experiment and learn how to use them more intelligently. [11:28] - Elise offers some advice on how to address weaknesses in strengths focused workplaces. [14:39] - Elise explains how leaders can have more meaningful strengths conversations with their people and provide some simple questions any leader can use. [18:20] - Elise shares the steps workplaces can take to help develop people’s strengths as they go about their work. [23:30] - Elise offers some ideas for how workplaces can be more strengths focused when people are leaving their organization and why this is worth the effort. [25:44] - Elise completes the Lightning Round. Your Resources: MPPW Podcast on Facebook The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath Thanks for listening!  Thanks so much for joining me again this week.  If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of this post. Please leave an honest review of the Making Positive Psychology Work Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. They do matter in the rankings of the show, and I read each and every one of them.  And don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates. It’s free! You can also listen to all the episodes of Making Positive Psychology Work streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad through stitcher. No need for downloading or syncing. Until next time, take care!  Thank you Elise!

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