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Episode 80: How To Find and Hire New Staff

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

This episode is brought to you by the 2017 TwoBrain UK Summit, November 11-12 at Thames CrossFit in London, England. Register here! Today we are talking about hiring staff. We are joined by two special guests: Two-Brain Mentor Danielle Brown, and Jay Augusta of Hiring staff can be one of the most stressful and time consuming processes when it comes to running your gym. Danielle and Jay break down simple steps you can take to make this a painless process and get the right talent fast! First, Danielle will first talk about the different places you'll find the BEST staff: from stage 1 (build your own coaches from within your gym community) to stage 4 (post an ad.) That's where Jay's service,, steps in. Jay talk about his new website which is helping gym owners hire coaches and personal trainers online. This episode is brought to you by Affiliate Guard. Affiliate Guard provides elite insurance coverage for affiliates. Visit their website at for more information! In this Interview: Should you be hiring from within your gym or outside sources? What important traits should a potential coach or personal trainer have? What are some examples of bad hiring experiences? Plus: What mistakes do people make when hiring coaches and personal trainers? What should the interview process look like when finding a candidate? How to screen online candidates effectively About Danielle: Dani grew up in a suburb just south of Boston, Massachusetts. As a kid she was always thinking big, as she contemplated growing up to become an anesthesiologist, an actor, or a marine biologist— but never a business owner, and certainly not a business owner in the fitness industry. Nonetheless, Dani had an unquenchable thirst for self-help and self-development, and by the age of eighteen she had accumulated about 100 books on those subjects. Fast forward to September of 2011 where Dani and her now-husband, Jason Brown, opened their gym CrossFit 781. Dani dove into learning anything and everything about business that she could, and found that she enjoyed it very much. A new passion was born. Her husband Jason brought 15 years of experience in strength and condition and practical application of training clients. It was truly a perfect complement. Today Dani puts all she knows about self-improvement, self-development, and the law of attraction to use every day in her business and while mentoring clients. She truly believes that there are only boundaries where one places them on themselves; that with education comes confidence, and with confidence comes belief in oneself. About Jay: Jeremy (Jay) Augusta is the owner of Barton County Strength Club. Like me, Jay runs a multifaceted entrepreneurial vision: he has a coffee company,, and even ran an insurance company for MMA gyms for awhile. One of Jay's greatest innovations within BCSC was The Joy Prom, a full-on prom night for the local special needs community. You have to love the guy's heart; but his BRAIN is on full display in this episode, and his skill for identifying and solving problems is exceptional. Timeline: 2:37 – Should you be hiring from within or are there other options? 3:38 – What traits do internal candidates exemplify for hiring from within 5:10 – The Advanced Theory Course and learning about what it’s like to be a trainer 6:08 – What if nobody in your gym meets the requirements you are looking for? 8:03 – Reaching out to other local gyms for help with coaches and personal trainers 9:50 – What happens if no internal or local gyms have any candidates? 12:36 – Looking online for coaching and personal training sites 14:19 – What is the worst hiring experience Danny has ever had?    16:10 – Jay Augusta of Barbell Jobs joins us on the call now 16:29 – Jay Augusta’s backstory and how he created 18

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